2011 Oscars A Time For Online Gamblers To Shine


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Online gamblers have grown accustomed to making bets on award shows in recent years and tonight, the 2011 Oscars take center stage. At a time when online gambling is reaching an all-time high, it is shows such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and the Oscars that are driving up interest.

The ballot’s are in and the winners have already been determined, but the night will still have some drama. The proposition bets have become as big as the game bets in the Super Bowl, and now the same is happening with the Oscars.

One of the prop bets that can be made is how many of the award winners of the night’s biggest individual awards, Actor, Actress, and Director, will cry. If two of the three recipients cry, bettors can have odds of +800. If all three cry, the odds go up to +3000.

The words thank you, thanks, and thank are also flowing freely from the lips of award winners. Gamblers can bet on whether the amount of times those three words are said is under or over 20.5. The two prop bets both come with odds of -120, meaning that the sports books will pay even money on all wins, but collect an extra $20 on all losses.

The biggest categories do not appear to be up for grabs according to the sports books. The King’s Speech is an overwhelming favorite to win Best Picture, with odds of -450. In the Best Actor category, Colin Firth has unheard of odds of 1/50, and in the Best actress category, Natalie Portman looks like a shoe-in with odds of 1/12.

In total, there are dozens of bets that can be made on the Oscars this evening. With only college basketball and the NBA playing games today, the Oscars have been positioned perfectly for sports books looking to gain extra action to close out the weekend.

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