A Conservative but Effective Strategy

As I indicated earlier, I developed three charts for playing single, double, and multi deck configurations (Figures 5-1 through 5-3) through computer analysis. This means that if you were to play millions of hands with each strategy, the computer would indicate which strategy is the most profitable.

But in reality we don’t go to a casino to play millions of hands-we’d either run our of money or die in the process of playing. However, through years of experience and being somewhat conservative. I developed a strategy chart (Figure 5-4) that is good for most any deck configuration but is especially good for single and double deck. My strategy allows you to maximize the hands you are dealt without hanging your butt out of the window. You aren’t splitting eights to ten cards; you aren’t doubling nine to the dealer’s two card, and so On.So in a nutshell, it’s conservative yet effective’

Many experienced players take exception with my strategy, but hey, I’m the one who’s writing this book, and I’ve learned that I need to change my playing strategy to stay in the winner’s circle, so why shouldn’t I share it with you? The reason I even offered Figures 5-1 through 5-3 is because mathematically they are the best plays.

But my strategy in Figure 5-4 is one I, and my colleagues, use from time to time as a more conservative guideline.
It’s important to note that all these playing strategies are used in concert with your betting strategies, Which I discuss later, beginning in Chapter 9. The playing strategy chart may say to split your cards or even double down, but you might be in a betting level that indicates you shouldn’t do it. I highly recommend you refer to this chapter as you analyze betting strategies because they do work together.

The playing strategy charts in this chapter have been designed for you to copy and cut out so you can keep them handy at the casinos, and yes, you can use them while at the tables, too. I recommend that once you copy them (reduce them to whatever size fits your needs) and cut them out, you should trim them down and laminate them to protect them against spilled drinks, stains, and even loss. It’s hard to lose cards of that size, especially if they’re somewhat large and stiff.

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