A dream about the casino industry

Internationally, one reason that casino gambling is illegal is because many of these countries have not passed legislation to legalize it.

In many of these countries, particularly in the South American continent, legislation is a painful process that requires extensive and, in some cases, constitutional change.

During the next decade, it is foreseeable that, with continued inducement by residents and outside interests, some of the legislation will change.

Countries considering legalizing the game should be aware of the infiltration of criminal elements into the industry.

One way to safeguard against these elements would be through stringent regulations. These regulations will have to be reviewed, and imposed tightly.

Unfortunately, this vigilance will cause an increase in the cost of background checks as an increase in the amount of time taken to drive them. At the end of the day, it is better to be sure, than sorry.

An example of the need for stringent regulations in new casinos has already occurred. Windsor Casino in Ontario, Canada, had been open for less than a month, and individuals were arrested for trying to fraud it.

The integrity of the casino industry will remain intact only if regulations are strictly enforced.

Another future trend is the introduction of different games.

Already, we are seeing new games being introduced in the casino industry. Asian games like pai gow will increase in popularity. Other games such as Caribbean Poker will also be played on land based casinos.

There will be a need for more observation by standards bodies for these newer games. Keno is another game that has, and will continue to have, a huge impact on the casino industry.

The game originated in China to raise funds. Although it is similar to bingo, the house has the biggest advantage of any casino game . Despite, since the tickets are inexpensive and the jackpots can change thousands to $ 250,000, the players play it incessantly.

Before, this game was played only in Nevada. Now, it is accepted in other parts of the United States and the world.

In the United States, perhaps the biggest future growth in the casino industry will be in the Indian game.

It is estimated that the Indian game is worth more than $ 1.3 billion. If more than five hundred Indian nations were to receive their contracts, this number will increase.

Geographically speaking, all but two states in the United States have some legal form of gambling.

If we have to look at the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe or South America, we see the same occurrence of expansion. Casino gambling is also increasing in the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Every corner of the world will be affected, somehow, by the casino gambling.

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