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The political landscape has changed drastically over the past decade. The biggest change is that politicians are now not afraid to run their campaigns based largely on their gambling beliefs.

In almost every state, gambling has become an issue of consequence. The past ten years has seen gambling laws changed in many of the states in the country. With the economy worsening, the gambling expansion talk is heating up even more these days.

That is where Robert Ford of Charleston, South Carolina comes in. He is one of the many politicians who are using the public’s yearning for casino gambling into their own political gain.

Ford is a candidate to run for governor of South Carolina in the 2010 election. He claims that if he does run, his platform would be based on using video gambling tax money to help the state budget.

South Carolina has a budget that is similar to others around the country. There is not enough money to balance these budgets, so politicians are looking for ways to bridge the financial gap.

Ford’s position is not innovative. There are governor’s in place throughout the US that are using gambling to their benefit. Casinos are becoming the popular way to get money into the state quickly.

Seneca Indians Receive Crucial Ruling To Keep Buffalo Casino Open

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The Seneca Indians had opened up a temporary casino in Buffalo, New York while they were building their permanent one. Then, in the midst of the construction, they were hurt by the ruling of U.S. Federal Judge William Skretny.

The judge ruled that a gaming approval in 2007 was “arbitrary and capricious”, even though the land the Senecas were building on was sovereign territory. The Seneca’s must have been taken back by the decision of Judge Skretny, because they halted construction of the permanent casino soon after.

Tuesday, the tribe received an added boost of confidence that their casino was in no violation of any laws. The U.S. Department of Interior and the National Indian Gaming Commission both re-affirmed their positions that the Seneca’s were doing nothing illegal by building the casino.

The tribe has been running a temporary casino in Buffalo since the summer of 2007, and they will continue to do so until the permanent casino is complete. They have no timetable for when the construction will once again proceed.

The Seneca’s claimed when they stopped the construction that they were doing so for financial reasons. They now are indicating that when the timing is right, the construction will once again begin. They have no plans of stopping the project for good.

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